Lakawon Island + Tawhai floating bar


So first of all, if would like to answer your question why did i choose to celebrate my 22nd birthday in Bacolod? It's obvious duh, because of Lakawon Island and Tawhai floating bar. Ever since it gone viral in social media i'd immediately put it on my #bucketlistnotebook. Lakawon is also called Llacaon, is a banana-shaped island off the coast of Cadiz in the northern portion of Negros Occidental. It is a white sand beach island that offers a lot of activities (but i think it has been much better if they don't put a lot of infrastructure to make it a virgin island just my opinion btw). While the tawhai floating bar is just 5mins away from the island via pump boat. If you really want to go here just a booked a flight from Manila - Bacolod and ride a bus from North Bus terminal to Cadiz. It took us 1.5 hours to go here. 

via cebu pacific air

a banana-shaped island of the coast of Cadiz in northern part of Negros Occidental

Things to do in the island:
- Go kayaking because the water is so calm and other water activities
- Chill and get tan lines
- bean pillows are all over the island for free
- Photo ops on the swings 
- Swimming under the sun

the largest floating bar in Asia is found also here in Cadiz just 5 minutes away from lakawon via pump boat. You can actually jump from the second floor to the ocean or in the inflatable.

- Booked a flight from Manila to Bacolod City via Philippine airlines/Cebu Pacific
- Ride a bus from North bus terminal to Cadiz
- 30 mins tricycle ride to the port
- 20 mins boat ride from port to Lakawon Island

Php 100.00/each - Bus ride to Cadiz from Bacolod
Php 40.00/each maximum of 3  - tricycle ride to the port
Php 260.00 - Entrance fee, Boat transfer back and forth
Php 250.00 - Entrance to Tawhai floating bar with complimentary one drink

- Go here during weekdays not on weekends because there's a lot of people it was so crowded
- Bring sunblock, super init! 
- Also bring snacks with you
- Bring cameras for photo ops! Enjoy

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